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Natural Medicine: Efficacy of fruits around us

Today's modern lifestyle influenced the daily life style of Indonesian society. One is the consumption of fast food or junk food. In this post I will explain the efficacy of fruits that may have been left behind by some of our communities who berungsi as a natural medicine or traditional medicine: Apples, Avocado and Banana

1. Apple
Apples contain lots of Vitamin B and C, minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, iron and chlorine.
Benefits of apple:
- Reduces constipation or constipation, improves digestion
- Reduce gallstones and artitis (rheumatoid arthritis)
- Reduce cholesterol
- Good for healthy gums

Natural Medicine for High Blood

High blood pressure or hypertension is closely linked to increased heart attacks and strokes. Causes of high blood pressure, among others, the hardening and blockage of arteries. Diseased blood vessels become narrow, so that the heart requires more pressure to pump blood to the blood vessels.

Some natural medicine that abortion can be reduced even treat high blood diseases, among others:

1. Salam Leaf (Syzigium polyanthum)
Benefits: reduce koesterol and high blood pressure, lowers high blood sugar levels.

2. Seaweed (Laminaria japonica)
Usefulness: normalize blood pressure, lowering high cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis.

Plant Benefits bill Duck / Kalanchoe pinnata Pers

Duck bill in Latin is known by the name of Kalanchoe pinnata Pers. The leaves are quite thick, in addition contains a lot of water, also keeps a variety of chemicals that are beneficial to health.

A health site, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, said that bufadienolides contained in the bill has antitumor duck.

Research conducted by Supratman and his colleagues from the Applied Biochemistry Division, Osaka Prefecture University in Sakai, Japan, showed that the isolation of five bufadienolides of leaf duck bill has the effect of inhibiting the activation of early antigen Epstein-Barr virus (EBV-EA) in Raji cells which caused by the tumor.

Natural Medicine for Headaches

Headaches can come at any time without any signs or cause before him. Sometimes when you wake up, after exercise, when we sit down and stand up after another as his. Many people who think this headache thing is common, with drugs that are sold freely in shops also usually been able to cure a headache.

In the following article will explain some natural remedies that can cure headaches, namely:

Peppermint or mint tea -> by the drink
Lemon juice -> Add the lemon juice into a glass of water or hot tea
Aromatherapy from orange peel -> paste on the forehead or brow
Do deep breathing and breathe fresh air
If the headaches due to stress or fatigue, do the massage at neck, shoulders, temples and hands. Try to relax
Vitamin deficiencies and allergies can also cause headaches. Know your diet that can cause headaches and avoid these types of food
Symptoms of dehydration can also cause headaches. Drinking water was warm secukup to reduce the symptoms of these headaches
The content of caffeine can cause headaches as well, you can still choose to consume the drink but a drink with the type of decaf.

Nutmeg Fruit for Health Benefits

Nutmeg has been famous since the former has a wide range of properties and uses, from cooking to a natural remedy for many ills. Nutmeg from Indonesia, which is derived mainly from the island of Banda Neira is nutmeg with the best quality in the world.

Here are some of the properties of nutmeg for human life:
For cooking: fruit flavoring and nutmeg is a natural preservative
For Health:
Toothache relief
Substances contained in nutmeg oil helps fight bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. To reduce pain in tooth / gum, apply a few drops of nutmeg oil on the sore gums with a massage.
Abdominal pain relievers
Natural compounds contained in nutmeg fruit is

Savor Lime for Lowering Cholesterol

Orange juice has been known for a wide range of benefits to health. One of them is in relation to lower cholesterol or blood fat levels.

The following tips:

Select a fresh lemon and then wash with clean
Cut the lemon into four pieces, then thinly sliced
Enter the last slice into the glass. Sliced ​​lemon slices earlier is complete with its skin
Pour hot water until full, then cover tightly
Wait about 30 minutes, then drink until they run out

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