Monday, August 6, 2012

Drastically Changed Wife After Childbirth

Doc, I have a wife who had just given birth. She gave birth through a difficult process. After delivery, my wife changed drastically. Until now he did not want to hold and care for our children. He was locked in my room a lot, do not want to do anything. Sometimes invited to the communication does not connect. He also sometimes likes to laugh and cry at the same time, even once when he was banging his head against the wall, he always said ga want to have kids. Sometimes he told me umtuk give our children to others. I am very worried about my wife. Actually what happened with my wife? Because before my wife was a cheerful and hardworking. Our children are ages 3 months but my wife still will not care, so we need the help of others to care for our children. What solution should I take.

Seeing Sexual Orientation of Eye

Eye was able to express interest in someone of the opposite sex or same sex. Heterosexual men will have an enlarged pupil at the sight of the opposite sex, instead of homosexuals pupils dilate at the sight of another man.

When someone sees a picture of erotic and passionate, their pupils will dilate, an unconscious reaction. Therefore, the scientists assess the pupil enlargement could be a way to see sexual orientation.

breast milk Just Not Enough for Babies Ages 6 Months

According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), six-month-old baby should be fed in stages so that adequate nutritional needs, especially for energy, protein, iron and vitamin A. Therefore, the function of providing breast milk Exclusive to the baby for six months needs further attention to the provision of complementary foods or breast milk MP.

Nutritionists from the Polytechnic of Health Jakarta II Anggraeni Dyah Ayu Purbasari when found in the seminar MP breast milk "Golden Standard

Snoring, Sleep Should examination?

Does everyone who snore (snoring) should do a sleep (sleep study) is 6 hours? I snore, but without risk factors such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes mellitus. I also during the daytime did not experience sluggish or sleepy. I fell asleep and relatively easy to get enough sleep, but when you wake up in the morning is not too fresh. Please advisnya. Thank you.

Lower the weight already but still snoring?

My husband has 44 years of age Height 175 cm and weight 78 kilograms. From the first, he was snoring up to date. Despite trying to lose weight by 5-10 pounds, but he was still snoring. What causes them and how the solution so the dock?

If I value, the Body Mass Index (BMI) husband's mother (weight in Kg versus TB in square meters) is still within normal limits. Indeed, obesity (BMI over 30) in epidemiologic studies show a strong relationship with the incidence of snoring.

Often when Children Bedwetting

At age five, children should have learned to use the toilet and urinate in control so he does not wet the bed. But some children still have the habit of wetting the bed at the age of five.

If the child has always wet the bed every night, chances are he has a small bladder size or did he not have a response capability to get up when his bladder is full. However, this problem usually goes away with age.

Delay in Walking in Children, Causes and Handling

Most parents expect their children can run faster than other children. But it turns out, in particular motor development skills actually run the normal age range from age 9 months to 18 months.

Parents should start to worry when a child can not walk when he had reached 18 months. Indeed, could walk at the age of 15-18 months is still within normal limits, but usually these children have impaired gross motor and balance disorders that light would be better given early intervention and stimulation.

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