Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avoid Energy Drinks for Kids and Teens

Ending a long debate about keamanaan drink supplements, experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that children and teenagers avoid the consumption of energy drinks (energy drinks) and only consume sports drinks to a minimum.

"The kids do not ever need energy drinks. These drinks contain caffeine and stimulants that are not nutritious content so that no child needs," said Benjamin Dr.Holly of the Academy of Pediatrics.

Children were also regarded as more risky group on the compounds present in energy drinks. "If the drink is consumed on a regular basis can

Foods containing MSG Make You Fat?

The food given or monosodium glutamate flavor enhancer (MSG) has been more associated with the "Chinese restaurant syndrome" in the form of dizziness and nausea. However, new research shows foods with MSG may also cause weight gain.

Although MSG is not a major factor in obesity, a team led by Ka He, a nutritionist from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, found people who suffer from obesity or overweight in general were eating too much MSG.

"Although the risk is small, its implications on public health is enormous. Almost every person ate food with extra flavor," said Ka He, told Reuters Health.

Naturally, Mr. P Will Shrinking

It's no secret that a man's sexual function declines with age. When testosterone levels begin to decline, a man takes longer to achieve sexual arousal. Despite being aroused, he needs more time to erection and achieve orgasm. After orgasm, she also needs a longer effort to be aroused and orgasm again.

According to experts, the age factor was also influential in determining the volume of semen and sperm quality in a man. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is also associated with older age, ie, can occur at ages 40 to 70. One study showed, the Adam's masculinity can be decreased 60 to 30 percent.

Monday, May 30, 2011

CHAPTER Never Considered Hard Light

Constipation (BAB) of protracted should not be treated lightly. Besides causing discomfort in the stomach, difficulty CHAPTER could also be a symptom of disturbances in the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Difficult bowel movement or constipation is a problem that many experienced people in the world. Figures incidence is increasing. For example in the United States each year there were 2.5 million outpatient visits because of complaints of constipation and every year 3 million doctors prescribe laxatives. One possible cause is eating less fiber and less exercise.

Skin Care with Content Refrigerator

Skin care is not the monopoly of women, but also men. No matter called the repairman or a guy dressed up kemayu, they compete to go to a salon or body-care center that offers a variety of ways to make the skin smooth, refined, if necessary, become increasingly attractive

But, you know, when the key to having smooth skin and fresh it was available in your kitchen. You can create a scouring, cleansing, and mask for the face and skin by using plants and fruits. Everything can be found in your refrigerator, as described Luciana Stanciu, an expert body beauty nurse from Noelle Spa, Connecticut, which is contained in the book Secrets of The Home Spa & Malik-Crissie Painel.

Flying Comfortably During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women who delayed travel by plane for fear that something happened during the flight. In fact, healthy and normal during pregnancy, expectant mothers need not worry about choosing the aircraft as a transportation option.

Nevertheless, there is no limit to who can and can not fly during pregnancy. They are not at risk of pregnancy can fly anytime. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology recommends that pregnant women do not make the flight before the time of childbirth or pregnancy over 36 weeks.

Hypertension The Many Suffered Young People

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that is common with age. However, this disease now affects more and more young people. In America, about 1 in 5 people aged less than 35 years of suffering from hypertension.

Because not cause symptoms, many people ignore hypertension. In fact, this disease is closely related to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure.

Research conducted the National Institutes of Health America of 14,000 people aged 24-32 years found 19 percent of respondents suffered from high blood pressure.

Health Degrees Boost Mobile phones

Beyond the controversy of the scientists on the dangers of radiation cell phones, communications equipment now in use 5 billion inhabitants of this world turned out to help improve the health of the population in poor and developing countries.

In Honduras, for example, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School initiated the use of mobile phones to help diabetics monitor diet, exercise, and medication adherence. As a result, there has been significant improvement in patients' blood sugar control a week after the program began.

Benefits of mobile phones also felt the population in rural areas that are difficult to access health clinics. It's no secret, though poor, the majority of the population has a mobile phone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prevent Neck Pain, Here's How!

Throughout our lives, neck like a prop load equal to the weight of a bowling ball. No wonder if once in a while neck can become stiff and sore. Coupled with an incorrect posture, become stiff in the neck area complaints more often perceived.

According to the neurologist of the Central General Hospital Jakarta Fatmawati dr. Maysam Irawati, Sp.S, there are many things that cause pain in the neck. But the cause of most of the less stretching of the neck muscles while working.

"Especially for those who are every day more work at the computer with your head straight and less stretching.'s Neck so often feel pain," said Maysam in a talk show themed 'Comfortable Working Without Pain' some time ago.

Leather with Potato Puree

Tubers can be made a variety of confectionary. Can also be cooked in various ways. However, more than that, it turns out potatoes can make the skin smooth and palms, and even get rid of pimples and boils.

Types of vegetables are still a family with these tubers shape is simple. There are round, some oval, and many other irregular shapes.

Although the shape of-way and not very interesting, potato store a myriad of delights. Evidenced by the wide variety of processed potato foods, whether it's snacks and meals such as stew and others.

Beware, Trigger Cancer Pain Relief Drugs

Take care when using pain medication in the long term. New study shows, the consumption of class of pain reliever acetaminophen and paracetamol increase the risk of blood cancer.

Although the risks are low and not known with certainty the mechanism, the results of such research adds to evidence a link between cancer and pain medication (painkiller).

In early studies it is known that the use of aspirin may lower risk of death from colon cancer, but on the other hand increase the risk of stomach bleeding. However, it is not clear whether the bleeding was due to blood cancer or hematology.

Where's Most Outstanding Healthy Sleep?

Sleep is very important for health. In between we are well aware that health is influenced by two factors related to the quality and quantity of sleep.

But probably not many are aware that sleep position also help determine health. According to experts, around 95 percent of men have always slept in the same position every night. No wonder, when the sleeping position that never changes, a person can have a tendency to certain diseases.

The following is a plus minus some sleep position for your health according to study the experts:

1. Recovery Position

Dinner Without Make Thin?

On the pretext not want the incoming calories will be stored as fat, many people skip dinner for slimming. In fact, the dinner will not cause problems when we make arrangements calories appropriately.

When we sleep with empty stomach, absorption of food in the morning will be higher so the calories will be stored directly. "So, the result is the same, no dinner was not to make thin," said Dr. Inge Permadhi, SpGK from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (05/10/2011).

He said that at night the body's metabolism is decreased, but the body still needs energy to the activities of the body organs as long as we rest.

Thanks to Ubi Cilembu Slim

Asri "Compassionate" Pramawati frustrated because her weight had climbed to 40 pounds after giving birth to his first son, Rajwa Gilbram Rida Rahardja 3 years ago. To restore the weight he changed the menu with rice at breakfast and weight tubuhya Cilembu now stable at around 53 kg.

Before pregnancy, Asri weight only 45 kg, but a few months after giving birth weight was 85 kg. "During the nursing Ibam, my son, appetite is extremely high. In 8 times a day can eat," the story of a woman who became known as the sitcom role as Compassionate Husband and Wife Husband Fear this.

At first, he considers reasonable weight gain. But after he meets new friends who also have children but her body still slim, Asri became convinced that the excessive weight.

"I was surprised because my friend had her son the same age Ibam and also give milk but her body still slim," he said.

Since then, the woman who likes to joke it decided to lose weight. "When my son aged 8 months, I direct a strict diet. Do not eat rice at all. But I'm actually fell consequently exposed to typhus. Sad to remember because if Ibam can not get milk," he said.

Then Asri was told about the benefits Cilembu friend and try it. "Every morning I drink boiled Cilembu. Also a lot of vitamins, the absorption by the body is also good and spending too smoothly so no one saved the body. Then lunch and dinner I eat as usual," he explained.

As a variation, sometimes he also ate wheat bread. "Because high-fiber I would rarely eat," he added.

In addition, Asri also exercise regularly. "I did not join the health club. Just jogging alone around the house twice a week. After all my blood type O, so strenuous exercise is not recommended," he said.

Currently Asri should be proud because his weight is stable at around 53 kg. To control the appetite, the woman who designed the kebaya this hobby routinely perform full-blooded.

"When I used to frequent migraine fat, then I did a full-blooded and apparently cured. Appetite is also reduced," said the woman who next year plans to add this momongan.

He also recalled the importance of doing a gradual weight loss. "If you want to reduce the size of the meal, do it slowly so that the body is not shocked. Now I can not if you eat too much because the stomach was used to fill a little," he said.

Stress And Make Creative

I do not think there are people who want to experience stress. But actually we do not need to be "allergic" to excessive stress, due in some degree of stress would be useful to provoke creativity.

Stress is a mental response in dealing with various issues. When the body is dealing with something that threatens or pressure, there are two responses that arise, namely fight (fight) or be dragged in the threat (flight). In this condition the body will release the hormone adrenaline, the hormone cortisol and other stress hormones.

When this stress occurs occasionally it will cause the body's response is effective. "Stress is useful to stress that it is healthy or eustress," said dr.Surjo Dharmono, Sp.KJ (K), from the Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

Increased adrenaline before, said dr.Surjo, will make the body more energetic. The release of the hormone cortisol that triggers blood sugar will also make the energy increases. To be able to think creatively, the brain also requires energy.

"Stress is stress such a well-organized or can be called a challenge. The company actually could create this kind of stress to improve employee productivity," he said in a media event education Managing Stress and Depression with Right held by Pfizer some time ago.

High workloads can impact differently on each person. High Target is a stressor, a condition that can trigger stress. If the target is considered an expense, it will cause stress. But if we view it as a challenge, then life becomes more exciting. Stress encourages us to move forward.

In order to stress to encourage productivity, of course, companies must create a good system. For example, the reward mechanism that is consistent, giving a clear task, a model of good leadership, and much more. If that does not happen quite the contrary, employees feel stuck and do not get the settlement.

Stress is not organized it in the long term will lead to suffering. People who experience it can be depression, anxiety, panic disorders, chronic fatigue, to psychosomatic complaints.

"Stress can create a dynamic life, but stress will turn harmful if a person's ability to face problems is decreasing," he said.

Source of Fiber Wheat Bread

Public awareness of healthy lifestyle also influence the choice of foods diasup, one of them on the type of bread. Bread wheat recently been chosen by those who wish to maintain health.

"Compared with white bread, wheat bread does contain fewer carbohydrates, but rich in fiber," said Hastie Fardianty, Marketing Manager of PT Nippon Indosari herein, which produces brands Sari Roti bread with this.

He said that while bread wheat market in Indonesia is still small, in recent years recorded good growth. "So far, fans of bread wheat is an established adult or those who are concerned with health, such as diabetics," he explained, which met on the sidelines of the press conference breakfast program Double Power Blue Band and Sari Roti in Jakarta (10 / 5 / 2011).

Wheat bread made from whole wheat flour is in the process of removing only the outer skin penggilingannya. Besides having a characteristic dark-colored, coarse-textured bread wheat as well. "Bread made from good quality wheat is usually a little heavy," he said.

Fiber contained in whole wheat bread has been proven to give good benefit on blood pressure. In addition, high in fiber also causes carbohydrates in bread wheat longer digest the body so that the stomach feel full longer and do not quickly raise blood sugar.

Hastie suggested that wheat bread should not be eaten with jam. "You can add butter or milk is consumed directly by nonlemak," he said.

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