Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vitamins for Erectile Strengthening

There are many myths about foods that are believed to enhance male performance in bed. You believe it is fine, but you should read the following results of scientific research on the effect of nutrition on the erection.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, mentioned vitamin niacin (B3) which is found in chicken, fish, grain cereals, and many more, to help overcome erectile dysfunction, especially in men who suffer from high cholesterol.

Niacin is known to help the body process fat and lower cholesterol. Such as statins, which can also cope with erectile dysfunction, niacin will increase the circulation of blood throughout the body by the arteries dilate.

Cavities, Withdrawn or Tambal?

The pain and throbbing toothache result is indeed annoying. Pulling teeth is often regarded as a solution to get rid of pain in the tooth, whereas in certain dental conditions can still be saved.

Persistent pain in the teeth, including when chewing or sensitive to foods, is a sign of tooth abscess. It could also be accompanied by fever, swollen lymph glands in the neck, and the body feels uncomfortable.

Tooth abscess is usually caused because the cavities are not treated properly. Abscesses occur if the pulp of a tooth pulp is infected with the bacteria so swollen and inflamed. Dilate blood vessels in the pulp and suppress the nerves that feel pain.

Watch TV hour, Age Reduction in 22 Minutes

For you who has a habit of spending time to linger in front of the television seem to be immediately reduce the norm. A study in Australia showed that the adults who spend one hour per day watching TV, DVD, or video can diminish the hope of his life almost 22 minutes.

In fact, watching TV an average of 6 (six) hours per day can cut your life five years.

Research led roleh Dr. J. Lennert Veerman from the University of Queensland is claimed that watching TV is a sedentary lifestyle that reflects poorly on health, such as smoking and obesity. In addition, by continuing to watch the TV people will tend not active, and abstain from unhealthy foods.

Sleep Dangers Overstated

We know that it is difficult to sleep or commonly known as insomnia are not good for health. Likewise with the "opponent", ie, oversleeping (excess sleep) or hypersomnia, it is equally bad for the body.

Although sleep is an activity that must be met to help the process of rejuvenation of body, if done excessively, it will give a negative impact on health. Experts also recommend against sleeping more than nine hours each night.

What are the possible cause of oversleeping or hypersomnia?

Destructive sperm cell phone radiation

Phone ringing sound in your pants pocket can be a danger alarm for sperm cells. According to a study that found cell phone radiation hazards on the quality of sperm.

Some research has shown men sperm count cell phone users have fewer, more slow moving and damaged, compared with men who did not use the phone. But actually the problem is where to store the cell phone.

About two months ago researchers from South Africa found the man who brought his cell phone on your hip or in front pants pocket has a slower sperm in swimming and also less concentrated. Both are very influential on a man's fertility.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 Benefits of breath Pull Length

When the panic and nervousness swept, ever try to draw your breath with a long or deep, and instantly you feel relaxed. It felt strange indeed, but very effective thing to do.

Apparently, profits took a deep breath / in not only to relieve feelings of nervousness. Experts say, draw a deep breath at times may provide other health benefits. Here are the other benefits of deep breathing:

1. Relieves stress

Powder Coffee Prevents Skin Cancer

One more research shows that coffee is a plant that has benefits for health. Recent research in the United States indicated that drinking coffee or even coffee powder rubbed on the skin may be a way to be protected from the risk of getting cancer.

Research conducted by Dr. Allan Conney of Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, showed that caffeine in coffee can help prevent the onset of non-melanoma skin cancer by helping to kill the damaged cells are likely to be a tumor.

Privileges Breakfast in Children

Several studies have shown that breakfast is the morning routine is an important activity for children, adolescents, pregnant women and adults. Especially for children of school age, eat breakfast regularly is of 'special' because those who do receive health benefits, both physically and mentally.

In 2005, researchers from the University of Florida, the U.S. found that children and adolescents who regularly breakfast tend to have superior nutritional profiles than those who skipped breakfast. The results, published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association also showed another feature of the breakfast, which can improve memory skills, test results, and school attendance.

Declining sperm quality in the Age of 35

Age does affect the quality and quantity of sperm, but it turns out the decline can be started since he was 30 years old. Of course it will affect fertility.

Dr.Qian-Xi Zhu and his team from the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research discovered the phenomenon in Chinese male seminal fluid. More than 1,000 men aged 20-60 years to donate their sperm to analyze the amount of semen produced, the sperm count, movement, and whether sperm was normal.

Compared with men aged 20-29 years, 35-year-old man has the ability to move lower.

12 Hidden Benefits of Cucumber

Most of us may often eat cucumber or cucumber. Fruit in Latin named Cucumis sativus is often encountered in every dish, especially fresh vegetables, salads, or pickled. Cucumbers have a fairly high water content so as to serve soothing.

Pieces of cucumber are also often used to help moisturize the face and is believed to lower high blood pressure. However, to find out more about nutrition and health benefits contained in the cucumber, let's explore what health areas derived from the consumption of fruit including pumpkin-Labuan this tribe.

1. Skin care

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exercise 15 Minutes Extend Age 3 Years

One more found the benefits of exercise for health. A study in Taiwan recently claimed, by exercising for 15 minutes in every day it can extend your life 3 (three) years to be longer.

According to researchers, as long as most people relied on the guidelines which says sport must be done 30 minutes a day and five days a week. In fact, by applying a lower dose of exercise, will further motivate someone to want to exercise.

Chi Pang Wen, study leader of the Taiwan National Health Research Institute said, dedicating 15 minutes a day regularly for exercise such as brisk walking will benefit anyone.

Every Minute Check Cell Phone, Cell Phone Users a New Habit

Maybe at first you buy a smart phone to make contact with others within and meningkatkatkan no productivity. But without realizing it now you can not spend 5 minutes without peeking smartphone, whether it's seeing an incoming message or change the status in social networking.

Symptoms could not resist the urge to check your cell phone is not only experienced it. A study published in the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing suggests that habit is present everywhere.

Researchers study finds most smartphone users now have a new habit which is called "checking habits" alias constantly checking email, messaging or other applications such as Facebook or Twitter.

Coffee Reduce Diabetes Risk in Women

Drinking four cups of coffee each day is known to reduce the risk of a woman suffering from diabetes mellitus by half. Still not clear what the active substances that play a role in the mechanism.

The link between coffee with a reduced risk of diabetes have long known to scientists. One is a 2004 study published in the journal Diabetes Care. Mentioned that caffeine is not dangerous for diabetics because it prevents the breakdown of glucose.

2006 study of 28,812 women found women who drank six cups of coffee dekafein have diabetes risk 22 percent lower than non-coffee drinkers.

Soft Lens Not Enough Just Soaked

In contrast to glasses, contact lenses are not easy to shift, steamy or dusty so it is more convenient and does not disturb the appearance. Nevertheless contact lenses require careful maintenance to keep them clean and free of bacteria.

Especially for soft contact lens, it is advisable to clean and scrub with a cleaning solution before soaking overnight. This method is considered best to kill most bacteria and prevent eye infections. As it is known several types of bacteria can menembuh soft contact lens.

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