Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Minimal Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Management of cancer care is growing. However, based on international health standards, the treatment of cancer consists of chemotherapy action, surgery, and radiation. Unfortunately, conventional methods are still not ideal because not all patients are robust in the face of such treatment side effects.

China's first identical treatment with herbs, but now we are developing methods to combine Western medicine and Eastern

the more irregular-Headed Baby

Incidents of babies with irregular shapes such as flat head on the back of the skull continues to rise in the United States. Case-headed baby peyang increased since the country was campaigning back to sleep or supine position to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

"There is no doubt that when we as a nation began campaigning for a baby to sleep on their backs. This method can reduce sudden infant death syndrome significantly. But, simultaneously, the incidence of plagiocephaly or head position caused by the asymmetric form of infant sleep position continued to improve," Dr. Sherilyn Driscoll, director of pediatric rehabilitation medicine at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

The importance of breastfeeding for the Development of Baby Guts

A recent study indicated that breast-fed babies tend to have a healthier colon than those fed formula. Colonization "good bacteria" in the infant gut is critical for the development of their intestinal tract and in the development of immunity.

The results showed differences in bacterial colonization in infants who are fed infant formula and breast milk, leading to changes in gene expression in infants who are involved in the immune system and defense against pathogens.

Enlarge Breast with Fat Grafting

Plans to enlarge the breasts? Maybe you could try a technique called fat grafts or fat grafting. When compared with liquid silicone injections, this method is much more secure because it uses fat tissue taken from the patient's own body.

According to dr. Linawati Makmur, a plastic surgeon from Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk Jakarta, fat grafting procedure is minimal invasive and can be an alternative to breast enlargement in addition to the methods of breast implants.

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