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Drastically Changed Wife After Childbirth

Doc, I have a wife who had just given birth. She gave birth through a difficult process. After delivery, my wife changed drastically. Until now he did not want to hold and care for our children. He was locked in my room a lot, do not want to do anything. Sometimes invited to the communication does not connect. He also sometimes likes to laugh and cry at the same time, even once when he was banging his head against the wall, he always said ga want to have kids. Sometimes he told me umtuk give our children to others. I am very worried about my wife. Actually what happened with my wife? Because before my wife was a cheerful and hardworking. Our children are ages 3 months but my wife still will not care, so we need the help of others to care for our children. What solution should I take.

Seeing Sexual Orientation of Eye

Eye was able to express interest in someone of the opposite sex or same sex. Heterosexual men will have an enlarged pupil at the sight of the opposite sex, instead of homosexuals pupils dilate at the sight of another man.

When someone sees a picture of erotic and passionate, their pupils will dilate, an unconscious reaction. Therefore, the scientists assess the pupil enlargement could be a way to see sexual orientation.

breast milk Just Not Enough for Babies Ages 6 Months

According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), six-month-old baby should be fed in stages so that adequate nutritional needs, especially for energy, protein, iron and vitamin A. Therefore, the function of providing breast milk Exclusive to the baby for six months needs further attention to the provision of complementary foods or breast milk MP.

Nutritionists from the Polytechnic of Health Jakarta II Anggraeni Dyah Ayu Purbasari when found in the seminar MP breast milk "Golden Standard

Snoring, Sleep Should examination?

Does everyone who snore (snoring) should do a sleep (sleep study) is 6 hours? I snore, but without risk factors such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes mellitus. I also during the daytime did not experience sluggish or sleepy. I fell asleep and relatively easy to get enough sleep, but when you wake up in the morning is not too fresh. Please advisnya. Thank you.

Lower the weight already but still snoring?

My husband has 44 years of age Height 175 cm and weight 78 kilograms. From the first, he was snoring up to date. Despite trying to lose weight by 5-10 pounds, but he was still snoring. What causes them and how the solution so the dock?

If I value, the Body Mass Index (BMI) husband's mother (weight in Kg versus TB in square meters) is still within normal limits. Indeed, obesity (BMI over 30) in epidemiologic studies show a strong relationship with the incidence of snoring.

Often when Children Bedwetting

At age five, children should have learned to use the toilet and urinate in control so he does not wet the bed. But some children still have the habit of wetting the bed at the age of five.

If the child has always wet the bed every night, chances are he has a small bladder size or did he not have a response capability to get up when his bladder is full. However, this problem usually goes away with age.

Delay in Walking in Children, Causes and Handling

Most parents expect their children can run faster than other children. But it turns out, in particular motor development skills actually run the normal age range from age 9 months to 18 months.

Parents should start to worry when a child can not walk when he had reached 18 months. Indeed, could walk at the age of 15-18 months is still within normal limits, but usually these children have impaired gross motor and balance disorders that light would be better given early intervention and stimulation.

Disorders alert Konsenstrasi in Last Week Fasting

Regular eating schedule, ie at dawn and breaking, is actually very good for functional ulcer disease. Unfortunately, a regular diet is likely to change when entering the final week of fasting. In this week, divided by the concentration of people think of the needs of the Eid, especially those who plan on going home.

Honest People More Healthy and Happy

To obtain a healthy body, make sure you always eat fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and stay away from lies. According to research more honest people who are physically and mentally.

An American study showed an average of lying 11 times a week, ranging from "white lie" a kind of compliment, to infidelity or other more serious lies.

Abstinence Surrender to Face Difficult Children Eat

Children are fussy eaters often the source of concern for the mother. But you do not no irritability or stress in the face of "quiet movement" that made the child. Infants aged 8-10 months had been able to make a move to shut up.

There are several reasons why your baby is refusing foods handed. For example, because he does not want to eat it, not feeling well, the teeth will grow or thrush, bored with the food menu is offered, bored with the routine, or it could be due to trauma to the child while eating.

Effect of Diet on Skin Care

Benefits of diet did not stop at making the body slim and healthy. More than that, what you asup greatly affect the condition of your skin. Want to have beautiful skin, moist, and bright? Check out what diet is most appropriate.

Mediterranean Diet

Fish, green vegetables, olive oil, and

Healthy children and Smart, What milk?

 "Whoa, healthy and intelligent children, yes, what is the milk?" is a phrase often heard when you meet colleagues, friends, or neighbors when they were amazed to see the development of the baby. Hearing this question, would answer his milk mothers breast milk. However, mothers who give their children formula milk will immediately mention the various brands of milk, following the price and taste.

Does Obesity Cause snoring?

Is old age and obesity is a factor of "snoring"?. What's the solution?

according to epidemiological studies there is a strong relationship between obesity with the incidence of "snoring" or snoring. Snoring itself is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA itself is characterized by symptoms of choking during sleep, so waking, snoring and daytime sleepiness.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cow milk and stir Dangerous Not Fit for Consumption

Today many people confused and shocked dismay when later information that cow's milk is dangerous, not worthy of consumption in the long run because it resulted in osteoporosis and other dangerous diseases. It turns out that false and misleading information was processed incorrectly by some writer or journalist by reference to a claimed best-selling book called The Miracle of Enzyme by Dr.. Hiromi Shinya.
Although not all of these books contain the controversy, but instead it's an exaggeration controversial and not completely understood.

Shorten Life Depression Cancer Patients

Almost every cancer patient will experience emotional turmoil when I discovered she had cancer. Should be addressed immediately because your body has to face some physical challenges. Depression can hinder the healing process of cancer patients.

The experts at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center believes this may be associated with an abnormal stress hormone regulation and inflammation (inflammatory) gene expression. The results of this study was published on August 1, 2012 in PLoS ONE.

8 Percent of Olympic Athletes suffering Asthma

Who says people with asthma are not able to enjoy various sports activities? The proof, about 8 percent of Olympic athletes have asthma, or suffer the symptoms of asthma airway narrowing.

Wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath are major signs and symptoms of asthma. Most people with asthma are able to control the disease effectively with medication. Asthma affects more commonly the children and gradually improved until adulthood.

This woman Accidental Swallow Knife As Laughter

A 30-year-old woman reported accidentally swallowed a knife when he was laughing. The incident began when a woman who had a history of bulimia was demonstrated in his friend that he no longer has a vomit reflex.

Then he put the knife into his mouth and laughing, that's when the knife apart and he swallowed it. Luckily the doctors managed to take a knife and there was no physical damage suffered. Previously he had swallowed a knife. He then referred to consult a psychiatrist.

Recognize that grabs Ebola Virus Death Toll 16 in Uganda

Ebola virus outbreak in Uganda, up to now reported to have claimed 16 lives. Uganda President Yoweri Museveni asked the people to avoid direct physical contact with patients, post-it attacks the capital of Kampala.

Museveni asked the people to avoid shaking hands, kissing and having sex with an infected person. Although the outbreak of Ebola occurred in many African countries, it is not possible the virus could spread around the world. So how about the actual ins and outs of this deadly disease.

Warm Love Before Stale

New love is like a fire, really pretty, really hot, and surging. But it's still just a blinking light. But the love of the heart which is more mature and disciplined like coal, burning unquenchable (Henry Ward Beecher)
Every day we eat rice, food stand a couple of days, origin is still pretty heated. Likewise, love in marriage. Love is the soul food that should always be warmed. Love can be "fresh". Love can even become "stale". Becomes very uncomfortable for those who enjoy it even repulsive. Do not wonder the divorce rate rose, love can not stand the last stale.
I do not know. Many people who get

The content of breast milk consumption Affect Salmon

Recent findings of scientists at the University of Reading and University of Southampton, United Kingdom indicates that the consumption of salmon during delivery can raise levels of important nutrients in breast milk. But on the other hand also reduces disease-fighting antibodies passed from mother to baby through breast milk.

As you well know, salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acid content, which is important during early childhood development during the growth and development. In addition to good growth of the baby's brain and eye, omega 3 also

Dawn Unfogging Stigma

Vincit qui patitur. Scars that word is embedded in the arm Fajar Jasmin (35) since a year ago. Tattoo that caught my eyes as Dawn opened the door of his house in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, last week. Owner's hands were thin. However, fresh white face, smiling.

Who dare to suffer going to win. It reminds me to keep dare and survive, "said Dawn glanced incision in his arm. Last week, in Washington DC, United States, the International AIDS Conference is underway to-19.

Infection risk of Caesarean section Very High

Decision to do a cesarean section should be a last option during childbirth. Because the risk of infection from this operation is much higher than previously thought.

UK study shows, one in ten women who undergo caesarean infections so they should stay longer in the hospital for treatment.

Risk of infection is usually contained in stitches the incision on the seven layers of abdominal tissue. Although the majority of post-caesarean infections are not serious, but it can cause pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Donor Blood while Fasting for Body

When running fast, people are afraid of her body becomes very weak and unable to continue the obligation of fasting. Therefore, many people avoid strenuous physical activity. Moreover, blood donation activities.
It has long been growing myth that donating blood during fasting will quickly weaken the body's condition that resulted in stalled fasting alias canceled. For this reason that causes the number of donors in the month of fasting is much decreased, and blood stock in the PMI and the thinning of the hospital.

Practical Tips Stop Smoking

Our family of all smokers. Papa, Mama and seven children (all male) were all smoking. So the nine occupants of the house is a fan of cigarettes and cigars. Our cigarette consumption is different. At least one pack, and at most is Papa to 3 to 4 packs a day. Who knows how many dollars the cost of our family rooms. Papa do not mind their children smoking, especially those already working.

People who quit smoking the first time in my home is, in 1980 while he was a class II SMA. Both are poor. Why? He was given an ultimatum doctor, because

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disabled Women Diabetes Difficult Orgasm

Middle-aged women or older with diabetes was more likely to experience problems with their sex lives, although it still has the desire to have sex. This was stated by experts from the University of California, San Francisco, United States, the latest findings.

Researchers say low sexual satisfaction among women with diabetes who take insulin triggered because they have difficulty relating to lubrication and orgasm.

Improve the Quality of Sperm secrets of Candidate Father

Problems often lead to fertility problems in domestic conflicts, especially if after all these years of marriage the wife not getting pregnant. Actually, couples delay having children is not just the responsibility of women, both partners have the same equal equivalent role.

Advised the husbands also want to check their health if, after a year or two years of marriage never get anak.Terutama, when age is not young anymore. Although in terms of sexual function problems but there is no effect on sperm quality.

Yogurt, Solution for bad breath

Many sources are stating various causes of bad breath. Two of the most common cause is oral health factors and stomach. Well, do you know if yogurt can reduce the smell of bad breath?

The usual yogurt containing probiotics. He is believed to neutralize the smell of bad breath. According to Robert Meltzer, MD, a gastrointestinal specialist based in Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, "Yogurt is not any effect on the bacteria on the tongue. But,

Monday, July 30, 2012

Diligent Sun, Mighty Men More

There are easy and inexpensive way to increase virility, by diligent sun. According to the study, exposure to sunlight and adequate amount of vitamin D will increase the production of testosterone, a hormone that affects libido.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology of more than 2299 men known to men who have high levels of vitamin D appears to have a high sex hormone levels as well.

5 Health Benefits of Kissing

Kissing is included in the expression of affection and desire to form closer to someone we love. These activities not only bring a sense of happiness and excitement, but also brings health benefits. Therefore, do not hesitate to kiss loved ones today.

A. healthy teeth

Whatever you do kiss, kiss of saliva because the activity involves the kiss itself stimulates the production of saliva,which is

30-Day Sex Benefits of Fasting

The term ¨ ¨ sex detox may not be so familiar. However, these two words can be interpreted with a simple, namely to stop sexual activity for a certain period to improve the quality of your sex life.

Is the famous sex therapist, Ian Kerner, who introduced this term in his new book titled Sex Detox. He said that to reach a better satisfaction, sometimes one has to forget for a moment of sexual activity. Abstinence can be done up to 30 days. These efforts can help to renew the relationship of each pair and restore sexual desire that had gone out.

Lower Cholesterol with Two Apples Every Day

The habit of eating apples, at least two pieces per day, was effective for preventing heart disease. That was because apple has the effect of lowering cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol.

Benefits of apples to prevent heart disease is more pronounced in women who had menopause. Menopausal women are at high risk of heart disease and stroke.

Turmeric turmeric in Preventing Diabetes

In addition to the herbs, saffron was a strong potential to prevent diabetes thanks to the active compound in turmeric, the turmeric. Previous turmeric is also known to effectively kill cancer cells and as an antimicrobial.

Turmeric is able to fight inflammation and oxidative reactions that damage cells. Both processes are known to exist in a variety of diseases, including type two diabetes. In a 9-month study, known people who take a dose of curcumin extract supplements every day can avoid diabetes.

Slowing Hair Loss Tips

Just as for women, men hair loss is also considered as a major problem. Unfortunately most of the cases were male hair loss caused by heredity.

Types of thinning hair in men is also called a typical male pattern baldness (male pattern baldness). Clear signs that the decline of the hairline, balding on the center point of the growth of hair or both.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, most men

Down Syndrome During Pregnancy tests Reaping Criticism

Swiss government's decision to allow the test to detect chromosome abnormalities in fetuses with Down syndrome controversy. The test is considered will lead to more abortions if the fetus was shown to down syndrome.

Tests Down syndrome (DS) was conducted by taking blood samples of pregnant women to determine whether there is a genetic abnormality on chromosome number 21, or called trisomy 21. Test with a blood sample is claimed to not risk compared with conventional tests such as amniocentesis which requires a sample of amniotic fluid.

Effects of Stroke in Women More Dangerous

Recent research shows, women tend to have worse quality of life of stroke or ministroke botched attack than men. That dungkapkan scientists in Sweden who published his findings in the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

In his observations, the researchers recruited 379 stroke patients and 117 patients a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or ministroke. Then the patients were asked to answer a survey about the quality of life-as measured from the physical, emotional and social aspects of their health.

Recognize Hearing Loss in Infants

Ability to hear the baby is an important part in supporting the learning ability in the future. What he heard in determining the power of speech. By jarena reason, screening of hearing loss since he was born is very important to detect abnormalities as early as possible.

Signs of hearing loss can be different in each infant. In addition, the type of hearing loss also varies greatly from mild to severe.

Balance Yoga Restore Stroke Patients

Damage to the brain due to stroke sufferers will cause physical or mental disability, hence post-stroke rehabilitation is needed. Doing yoga is included in the recommended follow-up therapy after recovering from a stroke.

According to research, practice yoga on a regular basis even though the stroke happened a long time continue to provide positive benefits, one of them to restore balance.

5 Secrets of Body Always Fit

Fitness as an athlete has turned out not impossible. A sports nutrition expert, Karen Warren, who is also the author of the Best Nutrition Degrees reveals, there are 5 secrets of universal health tips to keep in mind a person to continue to maintain his fitness. This guideline also applies to those who want to get the most out of exercise:

A. Avoid artificial sweeteners

There are some foods / drinks that you should avoid such as a higher diet soda or a liquid containing artificial sweeteners. Why?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beware of Excess Dose Paracetamol

Research indicates, millions of people around the world may be at risk of overdosing on paracetamol. The use of inappropriate drugs advice of the most popular pain reliever is not only pose a risk of overdose, but also damage to the liver.

Study of the ahlii of Northwestern University in Chicago U.S. states, nearly 25 percent of adults erred in taking paracetamol. Many of the patients taking these drugs exceed the recommended dose within 24 hours.

First in the World, Dengue Fever Vaccine

The scientists finally succeeded in creating the first dengue fever vaccine in the world. Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-made vaccine is claimed to be able to protect against three types of viruses that cause dengue fever.

Efficacy or the efficacy of this vaccine in a while it was still awaiting the results of clinical trials in Thailand. If it is positive, then this could be a milestone in the development of dengue vaccine that has been awaited for 70 years.

Sex Scenes in Movies Influence Youth Behavior

Movie or television show for children should be free from any elements of violence or sexual scenes. Children who often see sex scenes in movies or television are known tend to have risky sexual behaviors when they were teenagers.

In a study conducted in the United States of 1,200 children aged 12-14 years the researchers revealed a strong link between the impressions of sex scenes with sexual behavior. After interviewing the children about the movies that often they watch, six years later they were questioned again about his sexual behavior.

4 Psychological Effects Due to Infertility

Having a baby is the greatest hope for the two couples who recently married. However, many couples who are psychologically disturbed to learn that one of them is infertile.

Infertility problem does have a major impact on the emotional effects of married couples, and even not infrequently also can affect your career and personal life. Here are some psychological effects that may occur in pairs that are difficult to have children:

A. Emotional effect on the female partner

Depression Occupation: Men and Women Different Triggers

Some research has found a link between employment and the risk of depression. But experts in Canada revealed that depression due to work on women and men are affected by different things.

Researchers say, women tend to be more prone to depression if they are not rewarded for their work or do not get the award for what they are doing. While in men, the relationship was not found.

In men, the risk of depression is more likely due to the intensity of working hours, especially in men who work full-time (fulltime). While family and work conflict has impacted on the risk of depression in both men and women, but in different ways.

Playing Music Proven Brain Stay Sharp

Lots of research has demonstrated the benefits of playing music in improving cognitive function. One is a study conducted Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, Ph.D., of Emory University School, which claims that individuals who gain instrumental music training more than 10 years, the function of brain stay sharp.

According to Brenda, as well as the findings indicate that music is one of the necessities of life. In his research, it involves the musicians aged between 60-80 years to examine the relationship between musical training periods for optimal cognitive benefits in older people.

8 Amazing Benefits of Banana

There are many reasons to get you started loving bananas. In addition to readily available and relatively affordable price, the banana has a myriad of health benefits. The fruit is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Bananas also contain vitamin, namely C, B complex, B6, and active as neurotransmitter serotonin in the smooth functioning of the brain.

Here are eight reasons why you should add more bananas into your daily diet:

A. Healthy digestive tract

Salty foods Kuras Calcium in the Body

High-salt diet is known to trigger the issue of medical disorders such as kidney stones and osteoporosis. How did it happen and what kind of mechanism, is not yet widely known.

But recently, scientists at the University of Alberta claims to have successfully solved the puzzle through laboratory studies using animal and cell models. Principal investigator, Todd Alexander and his team have found a significant relationship between sodium and calcium.

Cheese Help Prevent Diabetes

There kaber news for cheese lovers. Dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamins known to help reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus. But of course must be balanced with a healthy diet and active.
Preliminary research by a team of European researchers say people who have the habit of eating cheese, 12 percent lower risk of developing diabetes than people who do not like cheese.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition examines the extent to which the intake of dairy products affects the development of type-2 diabetes in eight European countries.

5 Reasons Not Disagreeable Need Coffee

Drinking coffee is not a habit that you should begin to have. But for most people who already have the habit of drinking coffee, there's no reason why you do not need to be left behind this hobby.

A. Good for heart
Many experts believe that coffee consumption in moderation, or about 1-2 cups per day can provide health benefits for the heart. Antioxidants in coffee is believed to be able to control inflammation (inflammation) of arteries and increase blood flow.

6 Drinks Can Make It Lean

In an effort to lose weight, choose the right foods is as important as diet and exercise. Talk about drinks, there are also drinks that can help streamline. Six drinks in the example below.

A. Drinking water

Staying hydrated is important when you are trying to lose weight. Drinking enough water will help the body maintain fluid balance and even increase feelings of fullness so you eat less. But if plain water boring, Ceramic by mixing fresh fruit such as citrus fruits, and other low-calorie to give flavor to your drinking water.

Breakfast Cake Lose Weight?

Sweet foods such as cake is considered an enemy of people who want to maintain weight. But a new study says that breakfast cake actually quite effective weight loss.

Researchers from the University of Tel Aviv 200 participants were randomly divided into two study groups. The first group was asked mengasup breakfast menu is low in calories and low in carbohydrates, while the other group ate sugary foods like donuts or cake. Both groups every day mengasup same number of calories, which is 1600 for men and 1,400 for women.

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