Monday, August 6, 2012

Honest People More Healthy and Happy

To obtain a healthy body, make sure you always eat fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and stay away from lies. According to research more honest people who are physically and mentally.

An American study showed an average of lying 11 times a week, ranging from "white lie" a kind of compliment, to infidelity or other more serious lies.

According to research conducted by Anita Kelly, professor of psychology at Notre Dame, if we reduce the number of lies that we do in fact we can achieve a higher life satisfaction.

He conducted research involving 110 participants who were asked to stop or reduce the lie, lie either small or large, for 10 weeks. By contrast, other participants were not given specific instructions about the lies.

The result, after one of the banned groups do not tell a lie lie less than three times a week, they will complain of headache, sore throat, tension, anxiety, and other health problems, reduced.

"No lie is clearly associated with better health," said Kelly.

In addition to physical health, it turns out the people of the lie it is prohibited to feel the better personal relationships with others. Save the truth would make your relationship with others to be insincere.

"Lying can cause stress to many people, triggering anxiety and even depression. Reduce lies not only good for your relationship, but also healthy," said Dr.Bryan Bruno, chairman of the psychiatry department of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City.

A habit of saying and acting honestly for 10 weeks also make it more intelligent participants avoid lies. For example, responding to questions that could lead to a tendency to lie with another question as a diversion.


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