Monday, August 6, 2012

Effect of Diet on Skin Care

Benefits of diet did not stop at making the body slim and healthy. More than that, what you asup greatly affect the condition of your skin. Want to have beautiful skin, moist, and bright? Check out what diet is most appropriate.

Mediterranean Diet

Fish, green vegetables, olive oil, and
fruit is the star in your diet is good for the heart. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is also known to prevent melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. In terms of beauty, omega-3 fatty acids in fish are very good to keep cell membranes strong and elastic skin.

Olive oil, tomatoes, and red wine are also rich in antiokisdan that help inhibit the chemical reaction that comes from the sun.

Vegetarian Diet

Whatever the reason you stopped eating meat and other animal products, health or ethical reasons, which you must eat more fresh food is very good for skin beauty.

Antioxidants in foods are vegetarian will neutralize free radicals that trigger wrinkling, dark spots and other signs of aging on the skin. Because low-fat vegetarian diet, you should balance it with olive or safflower oil consumption so that the skin remains moist.

Diet High Protein, Low Carbs

Reduce your intake of pasta, white bread, or refined sugar is good for lowering the hormone cortisol and reduce blackheads. In contrast the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains are rich in antioxidants and proven builder of collagen protein.

Should not be excessive consumption of animal fats because it will increase production of free radicals that would disturb the normal cells. As a source of protein, choose fish or lean meat. To keep skin hydrated, consume enough water.

Low-Fat Diet

Low-fat diet is highly recommended if you want to have a healthy heart. This diet will also reduce the production of free radicals that accelerate skin aging.

Nevertheless, we still need a fat skin, especially those from nuts and olive oil. Fat helps the body absorb fat-soluble antioxidants and vitamins. In addition it also serves to strengthen the fat cell membranes, especially the epidermis so that skin looks supple and radiant.

Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet adherents believe that food is not cooked will make the natural enzymes in foods preserved. Other benefits include healthy digestion, boost energy and lose weight.

Although the claim is not accepted by doctors, but vegetables are not cooked to make skin look more radiant.


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