Monday, August 6, 2012

Lower the weight already but still snoring?

My husband has 44 years of age Height 175 cm and weight 78 kilograms. From the first, he was snoring up to date. Despite trying to lose weight by 5-10 pounds, but he was still snoring. What causes them and how the solution so the dock?

If I value, the Body Mass Index (BMI) husband's mother (weight in Kg versus TB in square meters) is still within normal limits. Indeed, obesity (BMI over 30) in epidemiologic studies show a strong relationship with the incidence of snoring.

Need to be aware whether the husband snores every time asleep, frequent waking at night due to choking, feeling tired in the morning and headaches. If any of these symptoms, the possibility of OSA, should be considered. Husband and mother have to undergo examination to find out is there any other factors that cause snoring.

The possibility of abnormalities in upper airway abnormalities such as enlarged tonsils or nasal cavities should be examined. For a while my husband slept on his side to reduce snoring, do not drink alcohol, not smoking and not drinking coffee before bed.

Answered by: dr. Ari Cahyono, SpTHT


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