Sunday, August 5, 2012

Infection risk of Caesarean section Very High

Decision to do a cesarean section should be a last option during childbirth. Because the risk of infection from this operation is much higher than previously thought.

UK study shows, one in ten women who undergo caesarean infections so they should stay longer in the hospital for treatment.

Risk of infection is usually contained in stitches the incision on the seven layers of abdominal tissue. Although the majority of post-caesarean infections are not serious, but it can cause pain and discomfort.

"Minor infection can still cause pain and there is likely to affect the deeper tissues. More serious infections requiring treatment in hospital longer," said Dr.Catherine Wloch, from the Department of Healthcare Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance.

Another disadvantage of post-operative infection is reduced ability of mothers to care for her baby because it takes a while to recover from surgery.

"There is a tendency to assume a cesarean section is safe, but this includes a major operation. Caesarean section should only be undertaken if there is a risk to the mother and baby when it's done a normal delivery," said Wloch.

He added, if the infection spreads to the uterus, it can cause a woman to conceive again trouble.

Medical indication requiring a caesarean section does include kehmbar pregnancy, the mother suffered from high blood pressure, or diabetes.

But in many countries are now found a tendency for women to prefer a cesarean section by reason of fear with the normal birth process.

In fact, according to research only one in ten expectant mothers who are suffering from tokophobia or very afraid of giving birth. Most just have an irrational phobia or trauma to the previous delivery.

For expectant mothers who experience anxiety before birth, it is advisable to do counseling so that women are more calm.


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