Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeing Sexual Orientation of Eye

Eye was able to express interest in someone of the opposite sex or same sex. Heterosexual men will have an enlarged pupil at the sight of the opposite sex, instead of homosexuals pupils dilate at the sight of another man.

When someone sees a picture of erotic and passionate, their pupils will dilate, an unconscious reaction. Therefore, the scientists assess the pupil enlargement could be a way to see sexual orientation.

The link between the size of the pupil with a real passion has long been known. In the 16th century in Italy the girls wear eye drops made ​​from toxic herbs that will make their pupils dilate. Eyes that look bigger it is regarded as a seductive appearance.

Recently from Cornell University scientists perform experiments to show that the enlarged pupil that occurs in accordance with their true feelings. The study involved 165 men and 160 women, both gay, heterosexual, or bisexual.

The participants were then screened a video erotic men, women, and scenery, each of which lasted one minute. During the watch the video, a moving camera to record the pupil to measure the slightest changes of the pupil. Then the participants were feeling when I saw the videos.

The results show that the enlarged pupil that occurs in accordance with the pattern as in research on the effects of arousal on genital organs.

In the male respondents, the results are very clear. If they are heterosexual, their pupils dilate when viewing video erotic female. Bisexual men respond similarly to video women and men.

In women, it is a bit complex because their pupils dilate when I saw a video of men and women. According to Savin-Williams, chairman of the researchers, it is because of the evolutionary causes of women respond to sexual stimuli even though it was not interesting.


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