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Cow milk and stir Dangerous Not Fit for Consumption

Today many people confused and shocked dismay when later information that cow's milk is dangerous, not worthy of consumption in the long run because it resulted in osteoporosis and other dangerous diseases. It turns out that false and misleading information was processed incorrectly by some writer or journalist by reference to a claimed best-selling book called The Miracle of Enzyme by Dr.. Hiromi Shinya.
Although not all of these books contain the controversy, but instead it's an exaggeration controversial and not completely understood.
In the media or online media controversy is further complicated when a Professor of Clinical Nutrition School of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Waloejo Soerjodibroto, also said that although it had not yet read the book states that the opinion was reasonable.
The next Waloejo also agree with the majority opinion that Shinya cow's milk is most suitable for calves, not for human children, let alone an adult human. Hiromi Shinya opinion is very controversial and misleading, because it is not based on scientific facts and research, but just based on opinion on personal experience.
But to date in PubMed or the online scientific journal of medical quality recognized internationally and that no single study on behalf of Hiromi Shinya. Controversy health information is often caused by a doctor or an expert opinion when it is not based on scientific research. Even a profesorpun opinion should not be used as guidelines are followed and if not based on scientific research data in the form of Genesis Scientific Evidence-Based Medicine or evidance base.
Dangerous myths and Cow's Milk Not Fit for Consumption
1. There was no other food is more difficult to digest than cow's milk.
In fact, just like other foods, healthy individuals in a state of cow's milk is easily digested. In patients with allergic or hypersensitive gastrointestinal tract, the content of gluten, casein, whey, or 40 other proteins that exist in pure cow's milk or formula can indeed interfere with and affect the function of the gastrointestinal tract. When gastrointestinal function is compromised, then the absorption is impaired.
2. Casein which forms approximately 80% of protein contained in milk, directly into the clot into the stomach so that it becomes very difficult to digest.
Cow's milk protein casein and whey are divided into. Casein in the form of condensed milk usually comes in the form consists of 76-86% of cow's milk protein. Casein may be precipitated by acid at pH 4.6. Casein is the most ental part of cow's milk, but not mean it can not or difficult to digest. Once again its absorption is impaired in patients with hypersensitivity and allergic gastrointestinal tract
3. Components of milk sold in stores has been homogenized and generate free radicals.
To date, no study has demonstrated such a thing. But it is true in patients with cow's milk allergy may occur spending various mediator substances in the human body that can menggganggu body, one that produces a rich effect of free radicals. But in healthy people it will not happen.
4. Pasteurized milk does not contain valuable enzymes, oxidized fat and protein quality changes due to temperature eminence.
Pasteurization is a process of heating the food with the purpose of killing harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and yeasts. Unlike sterilization, pasteurization is not intended to kill all microorganisms in food. Pasteurization aims to achieve a "log reduction" in the number of organisms, reducing their number so it is no longer able to cause disease on condition that has been pasteurized product is cooled and used before the expiration date.
In the processing of milk, the addition of certain nutrients have many purposes, such as replacing the nutrients lost during processing. Technique addition of nutrients to the diet is called fortification. Fortification in milk mostly to the milk powder, because during the processing of milk into powdered milk nutrients are lost by the heat. One nutrient that is often added to milk powder is AA and DHA. However, there has been no definitive study whether AA and DHA were added to the milk powder can be absorbed and utilized in the body as well as natural. If viewed from the processing technique, the liquid UHT milk has the advantage of the nutrients contained in them have remained relatively unchanged during the process. Processing techniques UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk is the most advanced processing techniques, in which fresh cow's milk is heated to a temperature of 140 C for 4 seconds. The result, UHT milk is free of all microbes, but a number of natural nutrients is maintained. A number of vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, amino acids contained in it remains safe and can be easily absorbed by the body.
5. Milk contains many substances that disrupt the environment of oxidized fats in the intestine, increasing the number of bad bacteria, and destroy the balance of bacterial flora in the gut.
Interference with the environment in the gut, increasing the number of bad bacteria, and destroy the balance of bacteria in the gut flora can occur in people with no special healthy individuals who have decreased immune system such as people with AIDS, malnutrition (malnutrition), tuberculosis, metabolic disorders and other chronic disorders. It can also occur in people with autism, food allergies or other food intolerance sufferers. In people like that are giving cow's milk should be under specialist advice, as it will aggravate the disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract. Not just milk the various types of certain foods that cause reactions, especially the intersection of food or food allergies can cope with as well. but otherwise healthy humans it would have no impact.
6. If a pregnant woman to drink cow's milk, their children tend to be more easily affected by atopic dermatitis (severe skin inflammatory disease).
Until now there is no sufficient scientific evidence that the maternal dietary restrictions during pregnancy play an important role in preventing atopic disease in infants such as asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), food allergies or dermatitis (eczema). However Epsghan and Committes on Nutrition AAP still recommends only the elimination diet of beans for the prevention of allergies since the pregnancy was not avoiding cow's milk.
7. Drinking too much milk causes osteoporosis.
Dr. Hiromi in his research results show that calcium supplements and dairy products can cause osteoporosis. From PubMed or other formal research literature and recognized in the world, there is no research that shows such a case. On the contrary, other research conducted Goulding A et al showed children who avoid milk and do not use a substitute for proper diet rich in calcium and has a low calcium intake of food and the values ​​of bone mineral density (bone mineral density) is low.
Such children are at risk of fracture or fractures before the age of pre-puberty. Just when the recommendation is correct in at least the recommended calcium intake for adults is 800 mg per day. In the state of pregnancy, calcium requirements increase to 1000mg per day. Levels of calcium per 100ml fresh milk is 250mg. If the day someone is eating 2-3 cups of liquid milk (500ml-750ml), then the acquisition of calcium is 1250mg-1875mg. But there was a study conducted by Hidvégi E in people allergic to cow's milk can reduce the decrease in bone mineralization as measured by osteodensitometry. This happens because in people allergic to cow's milk than cow's milk intake was found to cause less gastrointestinal epithelial damage that can interfere with absorption of food. Moreover if this occurs an interruption of nausea and vomiting that will result in the child difficult to eat. When the child is not eating prolonged intake of nutrients does not occur so the impact lack of optimal intake of vitamins, minerals or other micronutrients including calcium.
8. People who drink cow's milk cernanya broken lines.
Hiromi observations indicate that the shape of the intestines of people who have bad eating and drinking will be visible bumps, sores, boils, black spots, and narrow here and there. This means that the desired ineligible intestine. While the gut of people eating and drinking well, he described a very nice, flat spots, redness, and fresh.
This is not wrong in patients with food allergy and food intolerance can disturb the gut can affect proktokolitis, entero colitis, allergic eosinophilic gastroenteritis, enteropathy syndrome, immediate gastrointestinal hypersensitivity (anaphylaxis), oral allergy syndrome, allergic eosinophilic esophagitis, gastritis, gastroenterocolitis, dietary protein enterocolitis, proctitis, enteropathy, celiac disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Could have an impact on infant colic, gastroesophageal reflux, and constipation (hard BAB) prolonged. Various disorders may be able to display various signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal keruskan as portrayed Dr. Hiromi. But again, it is common in patients with gastrointestinal allergy and hypersensitivity.
The greatness of Cow's Milk
Milk is a white nutritious liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals. Cow's milk is processed into various products such as butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, condensed milk, milk powder and others for human consumption. Today, the milk has many functions and benefits. For productive age, milk helped their growth. For the elderly, milk helps to prevent loss of bone support. Milk contains many vitamins and protein. Fresh cow's milk naturally have contained a number of vitamins, minerals, lactose (milk sugar), essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acid), essential amino acids (tryptophan, tyrosine), sphingomyelin, lactoferrin, and galakto-oligosaccharide prebiotic (GOS) the complete composition. Given the efficacy and very complete nutritional content, milk is classified as a functional food (functional food). And as a functional food, milk can be consumed without limit because it does not pose any danger. However, the concept of balanced nutrition, a person is recommended to drink between 2-3 glasses of milk a day, equivalent to 500-750ml of liquid milk.
Controversy Hiromi
Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a gastroenterology surgeon of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Writing the book The Miracle of Enzyme was inspired by the experiences of a child who suffered gastrointestinal disorders are exacerbated by dairy cows. Likewise, it is found in most patients dioperasinya. Dr. Hiromi Shinya addressing the impact of the dangers of cow's milk can cause osteoporosis, wound at USU, colon polyps, enzyme disorders, and various other disorders. So he does not recommend for long-term drinking milk.
Although only based on personal experience, when listened to opinions that it is probably not wrong. But the fact that interference can only occur in people with allergies and gastrointestinal hypersensitivity. But it will not occur in healthy individuals. Allergy and hypersensitivity in patients with gastrointestinal tract when consumed cow's milk could disrupt various functions of the gastrointestinal tract, including digestive enzymes.
Even in the scientific research that is included in PubMed and other scientific journals say that cow's milk allergy can affect the skin, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract disorders and various other organs. Reaction to acute (short term) that often occurs is itching and swelling of the lips such as anaphylaxis, shock, fainting with blood pressure and blood pressure down. While the reaction of chronic (long term) what happens is asthma, dermatitis (eczema skin) and gastrointestinal disorders.
Could have an impact on infant colic, gastroesophageal reflux, and constipation (hard BAB) prolonged. Several other studies mentioned food allergies include cow's milk may interfere with the child's behavior such as sleep disorders, hyperactivity, emotional disturbances, impaired concentration, and aggravate the symptoms of autism. However, these impacts could only occur in individuals who have allergies or food intolerance.
In healthy children or others do not affect healthy people had feared. Thus, the opinion of cow's milk to make a variety of impacts that can not interfere digenerelisasikan. This means that in certain groups of children can disrupt the body's organs berbegai remain in the majority of healthy children will not even bother nutritional content of milk is very good.
Hiromi mentioned disorders are not only caused not only by cow's milk allergy but also other foods such as chocolate, nuts, certain fruits, fish and so on. If it used the assumption Hiromi chocolate, nuts, certain fruits, fish is also harmful to health and unfit for human consumption to other healthy.
The controversy is also saddled with other business interests. The goat milk was unscrupulous businesses take advantage of this opportunity to attack the evils of cow's milk. Goat milk is considered as a cure allergies and better and can be considered for replacement in children with cow's milk allergy. It may be vitamin cow's milk and goat's milk is not much different, but the allergy-causing protein content is also not much different. If the patient has an allergy to cow's milk goat's milk can not be replaced. If the patient is allergic to cow's milk with goat's milk is not disturbed, then the truth of the previous diagnosis of cow's milk allergy questionable validity.
But it is true when someone has an allergy to cow's milk, cow's milk intolerance, metabolic disorders, patients with hypersensitivity autuism or other gastrointestinal disorder then you should avoid cow's milk and to find an alternative replacement. But unfortunately, there are currently excessive tendency to diagnose cow's milk allergy. Almost all children experience allergic symptoms immediately sentenced as cow's milk allergy but not necessarily true. In fact, according to research in several countries in the world, the prevalence of cow's milk allergy in children in the first year of life is only about 2%. Approximately 1-7% of infants are generally allergic to proteins found in cow's milk.
The controversy was reminiscent of the Blood Type Diet book written by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. He also wrote that certain foods on certain blood type is safe and that health menggangggu. Indeed, after the diet is by most people to follow and succeed. But actually when examined a variety of food is mostly avoided risky foods high allergen or allergens that can interfere with those who suffered, but not based on blood type. That is, any blood type if any of the following list of foods in general most will be relatively successful. But in healthy people who do not have allergies or food intolerance will not be any impact, though not to follow the blood type diet. Until now there is no scientific research showing the benefits of the blood type diet on health. Even in PubMed international scientific or medical journals not found any credible research conducted by Dr. Peter D'Adamo about the blood type diet.

Controversy often arises in medical opinion in the community because of globalization and sophistication of information technology very rapidly. A variety of health information very quickly to the media through the press or online. Even more simplified current distribution is very broad in the presence of BBM, Twitter or other social media. Every person is not even an expert can freely propagate kesehatanpun medical opinion without knowing the truth of scientific health information. Besides the common people in general are often wrong in interpreting it. Controversy health information is often also caused by the opinions of doctors, medical experts or medical experts.
How to respond
Under various conditions of globalization of information the public should be smart in finding and digesting information. When informed that is not scientifically correct and incorrect in interpreting, it will get a misleading health information. The current tendency is exacerbated by the media both print information or certain electronic. In fact, until recently on television a lot of health information would be given not by doctors but by people who are not competent in his field

Indonesian Broadcasting Commission should be cautious in doing this. In addition, the media should have a competent consultant to educate people in order not to mislead. The media should have the right mindset in getting information. In pursuit of health information sources, the media have to find a news source in accordance with their competence. When informed that different, perhaps more credible is the source of competent. For example, milk cause osteoporosis information we may have more trust information from a nutritionist Goulding of Dr. Hiromi Shinya compared to a surgeon.
In these circumstances, people demanded not easy to believe and be careful, clever in finding and processing information. Affected by the health information is true not only poorly educated people, people who are not highly educated backgrounds kesehatanpun has lulled many misguided health information. Hopefully this nation is more intelligent and wise response to the progress of such great information. for the betterment of his health.
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