Monday, August 6, 2012

Abstinence Surrender to Face Difficult Children Eat

Children are fussy eaters often the source of concern for the mother. But you do not no irritability or stress in the face of "quiet movement" that made the child. Infants aged 8-10 months had been able to make a move to shut up.

There are several reasons why your baby is refusing foods handed. For example, because he does not want to eat it, not feeling well, the teeth will grow or thrush, bored with the food menu is offered, bored with the routine, or it could be due to trauma to the child while eating.

"Dealing with children who make a move to shut the mother should be more patient and creative to find a way out," said Nia Umar, Chairman of the Association of Breastfeeding Counsellors Indonesia, solids in the seminar titled "Golden Standard for Golden Period," in Jakarta, Saturday (4/8 / 12).

According to Nia many mothers who do not understand the situation of children are fussy eaters. For example, make formula milk instead of feeding the child, adding vitamins or supplements to increase a child's appetite, or dilute the food to be more easily incorporated into the child's mouth.

To enhance the enthusiasm of children at mealtimes, there are some steps to try the mother. First, create a fun atmosphere to eat into the time for example by involving children in cooking activities according to age. Secondly, she did eat a varied menu so that children do not get bored.

Third, she can use a child's favorite food and let them choose their own meals when purchasing equipment. Fourth, keep the kids eat on your lap. Do not get children to eat while walking around the house compound, biking, or watching television.

Because eating is a social activity so try to eat together the whole family. You can add a baby seat in the dining room.

If the child is very difficult to eat the food siasati by giving frequent small meals but frequently. Another important note, Nia continued, if the mother uses the power caregiver or baby sitter, they also have to understand if the situation of children who do not feel like eating.

"There are children growing well but when MP ASI lost weight. Role of caregivers greatly affect this child's weight. The child is traumatized because when you eat is always threatened. When the nanny is replaced, the child gained weight back," the story of Nia.

"From this case, we can also see the role of caregivers in child development. Teach them with patience, respect the work of caregivers so that they also keep your baby properly," he continued.


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