Sunday, August 5, 2012

Practical Tips Stop Smoking

Our family of all smokers. Papa, Mama and seven children (all male) were all smoking. So the nine occupants of the house is a fan of cigarettes and cigars. Our cigarette consumption is different. At least one pack, and at most is Papa to 3 to 4 packs a day. Who knows how many dollars the cost of our family rooms. Papa do not mind their children smoking, especially those already working.

People who quit smoking the first time in my home is, in 1980 while he was a class II SMA. Both are poor. Why? He was given an ultimatum doctor, because
his lungs were damaged aka sick in 1982. Third, Mama. Because high blood got up to have half paralyzed. The doctor asked Mama mama so hard to stop smoking. Fourth, the brother of a police number four. Why, since he suffered a paralytic stroke her hand, then crashed his other hand disabilities. Automatic hand again he did not have to smoke. Forced to stop.

Options and how to stop smoking

Some people did manage to stop smoking through forced state conditions as above. But there are a few other stops in his own consciousness when there is no pain or other conditions. Some of our clients stop smoking at the request of his wife and or children. There is also a stop for finding a new awareness to stop. There is a drastic stop, there is also a stop gradually. What is important is not the result but the process.

Some others, some are choosing to keep smoking despite knowing the dangers, because they also feel the benefits. This is indeed a human rights respectively. We must not judge or blame each other. Each of us should be grown in a decided and courageous bear all the consequences of our life choices, including in terms of smoking or not. Consequences not only now but also for the future.

Some practical suggestions

Perhaps any of you want to quit smoking? Let me share some advice from personal experience and help clients in the consulting room:

A. Well understood and consequently cigarette. This knowledge we can get through a book or Mbah Google. Some therapists use the film in the handling of this case.

2. Have a strong determination to stop, try not gradual. Should stop immediately. For if the temptation to gradually return to smoking is very strong. Need extreme measures.

3. Look for the pleasure of smoking and replace it with something positive. Whether through busy with hobbies, enjoy certain food (As long as you do not make overeating), and build richer relationships and positively with family and friends. Join the social activities that build and find it useful.

4. Build friendships with those who do not smoke. Because being in a smoking environment will be very tempting, building your suggestion to cigarettes.

5. Ask for help from a doctor where necessary if there are certain supplements or medications that can help (if any as directed)

6. Build the habit of regular exercise, and enjoy it as a means of "escape" from this habit

7. Convey your commitment to a few close friends, and asking them reprimand you if they find you back to smoking.

Hope these suggestions help. For those who still want to enjoy a cigarette, please. Origin would help keep your environment clean. Do not smoke in public places. Agree?


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